About Artfcl

How Artfcl Started

Artfcl un-intentionally launched in 2018 originally with 2 Pieces; the 'Spirit of Football' and the 'Pink Zemingo' tshirts.

I had been cooking up different ideas many years before; actually since 2006 where I unintentionally drew the infamous "A" on the 'OG76' tee that dropped in 2018. It was originally the face of my original brand 'Abstract'; but it never got off the ground. While drawing things for Abstract, i drew a piece that had a ribbon across it with the words 'Artificial Common Sense'. After finding no success with Abstract, the brand transitioned and was reinvented to A.C.S. (Artificial Common Sense). As the years past, more drawings came, but nothing really stood out so i gave up.

 Around 2015/2016, i decided to give one more try and went back to the drawing board. Revisiting where ACS left off, i got back to it. Rather than start from scratch, i touched back on the Artificial side of ACS, but at the time i thought the word was too long, so i kicked I, I, I & A out the group! & Boom!! ARTFCL was created.

 Artfcl was created to highlight the art of graphic design. At the time there was a lot of art-less pieces and brands in my opinion. It was just all words and text. Nothing wrong with plain shirts, i just wanted something different.

I made sure that the foundation of Artfcl was based upon my actual life. Every piece from day one was a reflection of me.

Just for an example, the Spirit of Football piece is based on the sport of Football (Soccer) not the NFL. During season, tournament and World cup games the fans are decorated from head to toe. Scarves, face-paint & Helmets.


One of things that makes Artfcl stand out is that every piece is hand drawn; no clip-art, no copy + paste. Each piece tells its own story in its own way; that's why its easy to present each piece with a small motion picture/promo video. Also, every package comes with more than just a shirt. Each package comes with stickers, buttons or a key-chain as-well as a thank you note that gives a brief description behind the piece that was ordered. None of my pieces ever reflect violence, money nor drugs; not my lane - no disrespect to anyone who does.

One thing i pride myself on; customer service & fast delivery! Just ask anybody you see in a Artfcl shirt, they'll tell you that they can order it on Monday and wear it on Tuesday!!! It really aint that hard forreal. All my inventory is in-house. No pre-orders, no third party bs. Its already bagged and tagged. So when you order, all i gotta do is seal the mailer and hit the Post Office. Im tryna keep that fast delivery repuation, no matter how big we get.

Going on my 5th year, doing my best to elevate this brand and everyone who embarks on this journey with us.


Stay Fake!